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June 10, 2000 8:53 PM

Broadside Collision
Double fatality and one serious injury
Hesperia, San Bernardino County
Deodar Street & Jacaranda
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC .21%)


After drinking beer at a friend's house for several hours, the defendant allegedly got back into his truck with a friend and drove to the store to purchase more beer. A short distance from his friend's home the defendant ran a stop sign while traveling at 96 miles per hour and struck a small compact car carrying a young mother and her 6-year old daughter.

The 26-year old mother was killed upon impact and her six-year old daughter died two minutes later. The little girl was ejected from the vehicle, landing in the street. The violent point of impact was directly centered on the driver's door, crushing her vehicle to nearly half its normal width. The high speed impact caused the impaired driver's pick-up truck to separate the cab from the bed of the truck; coming partially off the chassis. The passenger in his vehicle was only semi-conscious at the scene and suffered facial injuries including a broken jaw, broken nose, broken orbital sockets, and internal injuries and had to be airlifted to a hospital. The impaired driver sustained a cut on his leg, a broken nose and complained of pain in is back.


The defendant had two prior arrests for drunk driving and was still on probation for the previous arrest conviction. Earlier that morning he had attended a DUI education class. He was tried, convicted and sentenced for two counts of second degree murder (187 of the penal code) and impaired driving causing injury (23153 of the vehicle code) and is now serving a 15-years to life prison sentence.