~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

In regards to: The People vs. Jason Dalby

Case #: FVI011829

Probation Officer: James Algoe,

San Bernardino County Probation Office

To The Honorable Judge John Tomberline,

Each day I drive to work, I pass two white crosses that bear the names of Wendy and Kimberlee. They stand as a stark reminder that, people who put personal pleasure above all else and habitually disobey the law, are a menace to society and a danger to the community in which they are permitted, by you, to roam. They answer to no one, unless someone confronts them. It is up to you and no one else, to confront a man, who chose to drive at speeds in excess of 90 mph, while drinking as he drove, through the neighborhood where I teach school, and hold him accountable for his crime. Do you have the courage and the sense of justice to do that?

I heard he cried at his trial. Well, I attended Wendy and Kimberly's funeral. I assure you that the tears of this man were far outweighed by the tears of the hundreds of people who grieved there. I am sure that he is sorry for his crime, as I am sure that he was sorry for all the other times he was convicted of drunk driving. However, his sorrow is historically short lived, and he has proven over and over again that he possesses neither the compassion for human life nor the will to abstain from a lifestyle that will kill again. I speak not only of the deaths of those who were strangers to him. He also severly injured the man who was riding next to him, a man he called, "Friend."

Compassion is a legitimate emotion. All I ask you to consider is this: "To who m shall compassion be given; should it be given to the living or to the dead? If to the dead, then honor them. If compassion should be showered upon the living, then consider those wounded by his thoughtless impulses. If you choose to shower this man with compassion, and release him from his accountability for his actions, then count yourself his friend. But remember, he kills them with the same abandon that he kills strangers.

Respectfully, Dennis Coulter
Friend of family



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