~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

Dear Sherry,

I thought I would share with you one of my fondest memories I have concerning Wendy. The time was while she was in high school, and working for me cleaning the office in the evenings after we were closed. I had to drop some supplies off after making a hospital call. Unaware that I was in the office, Wendy was in the back belting out several songs in preparation of an upcoming play she was to be in. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, but felt bad at seeing her embarrassment once she realized that there was an audience.

I also remember what a big help she was when we went to Forest Home for the youth group's service week-end. There we all served food for the camp that was in progress. Wendy went the extra mile to do what ever was needed. In the evenings we would have a time of sharing and prayer. That is when Wendy really came out of her shell and opened up. She shared how grateful she was in having such a great mother, as you were raising Matt and her on your own. I think that is why Wendy became such a good mom herself. I so much wish I could have witnessed Wendy raising Kimberly into her adulthood. Kimberly was an incredible little girl herself: Talk about bright. I always enjoyed seeing her at church, just loving being there with her Grandma.

Please know Sherry that my thoughts and prayers are often about you and this terrible premature void that has been placed in your life, as well as the rest of your close knit family's lives. May God be with you all, love Eric






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