~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

Katherine Babcock

PSC 47 Box 78

APO , AE, 09470


Your Honor:

My relationship to Kimberly Sands and Wendy Sands is through Sherri Hampton-Sands We are best friends. To be honest it feels more like family Wendy was working so hard to finish her degree at Victor Valley College . She was taking 12 to 18 units a semester at the college. Plus she was getting almost perfect grades too. She WAS a wonderful Mom. I had the privilege to stay with them for a month while waiting for my daughter to graduate from high school before we left to move to England . Wendy had just signed for a new car too. She just graduated from college the Friday before the wreck. That was 24 hours before the wreck. She had so much going for her and it was unrightfully taken away. Drinkers don't take driving and drinking seriously because nothing serious happens to them. If that isn't bad enough let me introduce you to Kimberly. 1 called her Kimber. She was sunshine on this earth. She looked like a little cherub with long straight blonde hair She used to like to wear dresses and do twirls so that she could see the dress twirl about. She loved Winnie the Pooh. We pretended to be different animals and played together. She liked to do this so much that she decided she was an animal and refused to use silverware because animals didn't use forks and spoons. In just one moment these two people are gone All their hopes dreams are wiped out in one moment. I will not see them anymore on this earth. There is nothing but an empty void Did it really just take one moment though? Although it took only a moment for this drunken driver to kill them, it took many decisions up to that point It didn't just happen. He had to choose to drink on many occasions. He had to realize before he took that first drink that he needed to get home. He had to decide to keep his keys and vehicle before he got drunk. I live in England . I know many people that take cabs to the pubs or bars and have arrangements with the cab company to pick them up so that they can get home. This man did none of this He made no efforts or arrangements. Society had taught him that he could get away with this time and time again. It didn't just happen. It took many steps and decisions to get there. He had to have gas in his car. He had to have money He had to drive to the place to drink He had to purchase the alcohol. He had to decide to break that law. He had to decide to drive too fast. He had to decide to run a signal light. h didn't just happen. He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. They need to be very severe What are the consequences of making all those decisions to take to lives? How many more will he be allowed to take? Maybe it could have been your family in that car. Maybe it could have been a mother with 4 children in the car. How many more drunk drivers, is our judicial system going to go easy on? In my life the only thing that has changed my behavior is consequences of my actions. This man has had plenty of chances to make the right decision. He didn't take it. If we don't start giving these drunk drivers what they deserve, how safe is it going to be to drive down the road? It has to start somewhere Drunk drivers everywhere need to know it has to stop to keep our roads safe. It has to start now. Please do your utmost to change this tragic cancer that is eating our society and killing our children, friends, and families. This should never have happened. Please give the maximum penalty. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter It is so very important to me.

Katherine Babcock July 5, 2000

Family friend



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