~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

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Lauryl McKnight... cousin


Just recently I attended a conference on worship and healing. I believed it was a good place to tell the Lord that in my learning to serve others He could help me to begin healing. During one of the worship sets the band played a song called "Eternity. "The lyrics are...


Brian Doerksen

I will be Yours,

You will be mine

Together in eternity.

Our hearts of love will be entwined

Together in eternity.

Forever in eternity. (repeat)

No more tears

of pain in our eyes.

No more fear or shame,

For we will be with You

Yes, we will be with You.

1994 Mercy Vineyard Publishing ccu: 8U33G

I began to weep for my sorrow is so great. So far every worship session has spoken to my grief and always turning it to the Lord. I could not stop my crying...it was uncontrollable. Then, with my eyes shut I began to spin out of control. At first I tried to tell myself to stop before I fainted, and then the Lord told me to let it be because it was Kimberly and me playing. He showed me Kimberly holding my hands and we were spinning in a circle as fast as we could. The difference is Kimberly is able to spin so quickly that my mortal body could hardly take it. I was so blessed to see Kimberly with her hair flowing behind her and her smile growing larger and larger as she laughed at and with me. She had such great joy in her freedom, and I know that she wanted me to see how free she is. I didn't stop weeping until after the spinning had stopped, but the Lord has showed me she is free in Him. I still grieve, but when it becomes unbearable or I feel like I must always be strong and can't grieve I turn to pressing into Him and through worship He shows me glimpses of Kimberly free and He brings me rest.

All My Love,

Cousin Lauryl


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