~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

Road Victorville , CA 92392 (760) 245-4271 ext 2247

October 24, 2002

The Honorable John Tomberlin

Victorville Courts

James H. Algoe III

San Bernardino County Probation Department

RE: People vs. Jason Dalby Case Number: FVT 011829

Your Honor:'

Wendy Sands was a participant in the Victor Valley College Program since January 30, 1998 until three weeks before she was killed June 10, 2000 . I also knew her beautiful daughter Kimberly Sands during that time. Wendy Sands and Kimberly Sands were frequent visitors to the CARE office. They would brighten my day with their smiles and stories: Wendy always emanating her love for her daughter and her strength and courage to finish her educational goals and Kimberly glowing with a pure and perfect ray of sunshine who loved flowers with a passion.

Wendy Sands' future was bright, a college graduate, on her way to transferring to continue her education, the very real dream of her own business and providing her daughter with a wonderful life full of love and stability. Precious Kimberly just graduated from kindergarten with a zest for learning and education just like her mothers. Wendy had a great laugh and was so willing to help people. She was giving, genuine and kind. Kimberly, the bright little girl, loved flowers so much and was eager to find them in my office or on the campus grounds. She had such a beautiful majestic innocence around her with mannerisms of a gold-dust-sprinkled fairy.

Then tragedy, life ended, in a split second the life essence of two beautiful people was annihilated in the blink of an eye by Jason Dalby. A man that thought nothing of his own life but focused on his obvious willingness to drink and drive. A man that has not yet suffered the consequences of any of his previous consequences, a man that behaves no longer as a man, but as an animal, feeding the lust of his alcoholic driven flesh and in turn, killing Wendy and Kimberly Sands.

I have not been the same since, and neither has my family or anyone I know that I have retold the. awful events of that night. Not to sadden them, but to enlighten them and others to the painful real consequences of drinking and driving. Every minute any member of my family is out of my sight I fear for their life. I fear all the" other Jason Dalby's that are out there, the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc offenders, that suffer little more than a fine when they commit such heinous acts against the human race. I watch every intersection, every road crossing, and every red light, with a fever pitch of anxiety that there might be another drunk driver that has not learned their lesson. Another criminal that laughs at our justice system as they pour themselves another drink and turn the ignition on in their cars. I am afraid for every innocent man, woman, and child that must drive the streets of a nation that does not see fit to punish the perpetrators when there are so many victims that have been punished for the rest of their natural lives.

Wendy Sands and Kimberly Sands' pictures hang outside my office wall at Victor Valley College to remind everyone that passes daily that these are not statistics in some drunk driving crime report, but two people whom I knew and cared for that no longer exist because of Jason Dalby's careless and self-centered act. We at the college chose to remember Wendy Sands and Kimberly and viable and wonderful human beings that were real. Flesh and blood gifts from God, that Jason Dalby has taken away from us: Wendy and Kimberly's friends, family and their own future. When you lose a parent you lose your past, but when you lose your child and grandchild, as did Sheri Sands, you lose your future, FOREVER.

The God-given light of the candle of life given to Wendy and Kimberly Sands was extinguished by a selfish act of drinking by Jason Dalby. He must now suffer the severe consequences of his actions for his life and whether this letter is read in 2002, 2010, 2020 or 100 years from now, justice still must be served and precedent must be set. FACT: Jason Dalby is guilty, Wendy and Kimberly are dead!

Margaret H. Kagy CARE Coordinator Victor Valley College


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