~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

To: Honorable Judge John Tomberlin

Victorville Superior Court

Re: Case # FVI 011829

Jason Dalby vs State of California

I feel compelled to express my concerns regarding the sentencing of Mr. Dalby.

I have known Sherry Hampton-Sands and her family since Wendy was in the youth group at church with my daughter. I have a 27 year old daughter, who knew Wendy in High School, and a 5 year old grandchild. I am very aware that what happened to Wendy & Kimberly Sands could just as easily have been my daughter and grandchild.

I'm very concerned that a convicted repeat offender of drunk driving is able to be out in public, continuing their dangerous behavior. Mr. Dalby has proven that he has no regard for the law and is a danger to anyone around him. He has been given the chance for rehabilitation from his prior offences.

Knowing that their deaths were caused by a man with total disregard for the drunk driving laws set for our protection is chilling.

I want to know that my children, grandchildren and those of our community are safe from Mr. Dalby. That he won't be using another vehicle as a deadly weapon on our streets.

He has had his chances to correct his behavior and has obviously chosen to disregard previous warnings or attempts at rehabilitation.

Mr. Dalby served a life sentence to Wendy Sands and a life sentence to Kimberly Sands and he deserves to receive a life sentence for each of them. I do not see a point to rehabilitation at this time as he has already been through this at least twice and chosen to disregard any help that has been attempted.

If repeat offenders of drunk driving convictions are allowed to remain free, to roam freely in our communities, to continue their deadly behavior, why would any other drunk drivers worry about the ramifications of their actions. Allowing Mr. Dalby to go free, or serve a short sentence, would be telling others that they having nothing to fear of the laws of our land, and would render our criminal justice system basically powerless.


Mary L. Grace
Victorville , CA 92392


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