~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

Your Honor:

Our names are Greg and Rebecca Hemandez and we are friends of Terry Atkins and Sharon Guinn (Aunts of Wendy & Kimberly Sands). We were very upset by the news that Wendy & Kimberly had their lives taken by Mr. Jason Michael Dalby. With Mr. Dalby's previous DUI charges and counseling sessions it is very difficult to see our criminal justice system effectively working. The system continued to allow him to leave jail and go back to his normal activities (drinking and driving).

Please Your Honor, let this stop here. Mr. Dalby has had many chances and apparently did not feel that the consequences were strong enough to keep him from these deliberate acts of violence. Now we need to know that he will not be coming out again, to take the lives of anymore of our family, friends, or even strangers. The public community needs reassurance that justice will finally be done here today. Too many alcoholics are let off with their wrists slapped after they survived a crash that took the lives of responsible, loving citizens.

Every time I (Rebecca) see a Ford Ranchero or pass by Valley Avenue in Walnut, I still see the accident I came upon at the age of 17 (as if 25 years had not passed). A very drunk man was stumbling around in his truck cab as I checked the vitals of the elderly couple in the Ranchero that he hit head-on. They were dead on impact (they had Christmas presents in the back of their car) and he walked away with a cut nose. I will never forget; Mr. Dalby must never forget.

This conviction is his THIRD STRIKE and he knew that possibility; yet, he did not care that he would go to jail forever, much less care that he might kill someone.

Jason Michael Dalby's 3rd chance took the life of a child and her mother; there need not be a 4th chance. Please keep Mr. Dalby in jail for the rest of his life and bring peace to this grieving family, their friends, and our community.

Thank you,

Greg and Rebecca Hemandez
Apple Valley , CA


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