~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

Honorable John Tomberlin

Victorville Superior Court

14455 Civic Drive Victorville,

CA 92392

In regards to: The People vs. Jason Dalby

Case # FYI 011829

Probation Officer: James Algoe,

San Bernardino County Probation Office

To The Honorable Judge John Tomberline and the court,

I believe in God. Without God and the family and friends He has given me I could not have endured the extreme prevailing pain I have suffered every day since my 26 year old Daughter Wendy and my 6 year old Granddaughter Kimberly were murdered on June 10-2000.

I thank God every day for the loving relationship we shared. I thank him for the words we last spoke to each other which were I LOVE YOU. I miss the goodnight God bless you and pleasant dreams we said to each other every night. I miss the piggy back rides caring Kimbers to bed. I miss the bed time stories. I miss all of us sitting and reading together. I miss Saturday morning cartoons where Kimbers and I would cuddle up and how she would pretend to be afraid of Scooby Doo so that I could protect her while eating breakfast in bed that Kimberly 'cooked,' soggy cheerios, juice, and always a rose. I miss Laughing with my Daughter and talking late at night. I miss... I miss everything about them. They were my joy, my light, my life. ON June 10th 2000 I went looking for Wendy and Kimberly I found them. I thank God that He has not allowed me to remember what I saw that night when I arrived at the scene. I thank officers Bob Johnston and Mike Bigsby for refusing my request to see Wendy and Kimberly. The words used to stop me? "Don't you want the best for your children?" Of course I did, always have always will.

Jason Dalby knew drinking and driving could kill someone. He played Russian roulette targeting others over and over by the many times he drank and drove. The average drunk driver drives a minimum of 200 times before being caught by police. The many, many years that Dalby drank and drove made the odds of Dalby NOT killing someone very, very slim. He knew it and so did his parents.

Wendy and Kimberly did not die because of an 'accident.' Wendy and Kimberly were murdered by Dalby. Wendy and Kimberly died because of Dalby's arrogance and stupidity. Why was this man aloud to drive? Why was he not in jail? Why do we have laws if they are not enforced? If the justice system did what it is supposed to do and protect its citizens Wendy and Kimberly would not have been murdered by Jason Dalby. In 1998 the year of Dalbys first DUI 956 innocent loved ones were killed in Calif. In 1999 his second DUI 1,029 loved ones were killed in Calif. The year Jason killed Wendy and Kimberly in the year 2,000-- 1,094 innocent people where murdered. The statistics are going higher each year. Parents like Dalbys and the courts continue to be lenient and condone this behavior.

Mothers against drunk driver's work very hard to stop this epidemic of injuries and death. Officers put their lives on the line every day to stop drunk drivers. Why are the courts not doing their job? Do they pity the drunk or are they drunks themselves and think that drinking and driving is no big deal. Judge John Tomberline, when you compared Wendy and Kimberly's manner of death to writing bad checks I was floored but when you said the same thing two more times I wondered what was in your coffee cup and could only assume that you did not have coffee in it.

Could the drunk driver loose his job? Could they be unable to provide for their family if convicted? Yes, they could also die and not need a job nor be able to provide for their family. But generally what happens they kill other people, which is a much greater loss than a job. Stop slapping the drunk drivers' hands. It is way past time for the law to be enforced. Drunk Driving is the most violent crime committed in the United States .

I miss my kids. My son nor I or anyone that knew and loved Wendy and Kimberly will ever be the same.

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote "The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone" So true so very true. The Bible states "in my Fathers House there are many room and I go to prepare a place for you. I know Wendy and Kimberly are in Heaven. But I am a very selfish person and I want them to be with them. I want to see them grow; hear their laugh, listen to them sing and watch them dance. I will always wonder what they could have become but I will never know.

Dalby murdered Wendy and Kimberly but his parents and the courts where accessories to his crime.

Sherry Hampton-Sands


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