~In Memoriam of Wendy and Kimberly Sands~.............

October 22, 2002

The Honorable Judge Tomberlin

Victorville Municipal Court

C/O Probation Officer: James H. Algoe

RE: People vs. Jason Dalby

Case number: FVIOl1829

Judge Tomberlin,

I write this letter to you because I want you to know how much the death of my nieces Wendy and Kimberly Sands has affected me, my family and most importantly my sister, Sherry Sands. I believe that Jason Dalby is getting a sentence I can live with but that he deserves life. In this day and age you have to be a real imbecile to drink and drive a vehicle. I believe that if a person does this and is caught, they should be punished harshly so that they do not have a reoccurrence such as Jason Dalby, who had quite a few prior DUI's before he killed my nieces. I know for a fact that the punishment that a drunk driver receives is minute at best There needs to be more harsher laws and consequences especially to repeat offenders. The night of June 101h 2000 was a nightmare for me. I received a phone call from my sister who spoke in a whisper to tell me to be strong as she told me Wendy and Kimberly were dead. I was shocked, I was stunned. To be sure there are no words to describe how I felt when I heard the news. At her home a few minutes later, I prayed inwardly to God to help me be strong for my sister. I began to pick up and realized as I did that pretty much everything I touched was Kimberly's or Wendy's. I would cry silently and inside as I picked up Kimberly's night slippers or a favorite shirt of Wendy's. I thought to myself my God, my sister will never get over this. This is too much! As I cleaned I would hear my sister whimper and plead to God not to let this be true. At some point I ended up hugging my sister in the middle of the kitchen floor as she wept and sobbed like a wounded animal. The situation began to unfold more and more, a drunk driver, different grieving processes, support, hugs, a memorial, a funeral, a tree planting. It has been over 2 years now since Kim and Wendy were killed. It will be a lifetime on Sherry's behalf and ours to mourn them. Wendy was very special to me. She always had a smile on her face and a sincere heart. She had just graduated from Victor Valley College with very high honors anticipating a career in accounting. I have some really good memories of Wendy and I cling to them. Kimberly was such a sweet little girl. I babysat her many times and treasured the moments I had with her. She danced, she sang, she had an imagination that was absolutely out of this world. I remember one day I saw her playing with a scarf. I said, " Oh Kimberly that is such a pretty scarf. She said to me in a matter of fact tone, "Aunt Terry, this is not a scarf, it's a Fairies wing." I also remember taking Kimberly to the store when she was about 3 years old. Everyone would comment on how cute she was and Kimberly would say she wanted them to be her friends. As much as I tried to explain to her that they were strangers, she would insist that they were her friends. Kimberly had such a loving, giving spirit and she always was a joy to me. I wonder often where they would be if they were here. We could have seen today a Wendy who had her own business and her own home. We could of seen Kimberly in her school plays and encourage and rejoice with her in her accomplishments. The fact is we can't, because a man named Jason Dalby decided (after knowing all about the consequences of drunk driving) to drink and then get into a vehicle and drive. We are a very close nit family. When each one of us is in need, we never fail to be there when it counts. Usually we can fix the problem. Usually the crisis is overcome by love and hard work But how do you help your sister or your nephew to overcome such a great sorrow? We were a family that felt whole and functioned in that capacity. Now we are a family that is injured, wounded and very sorrowful knowing there is nothing we can do to ease our sister's pain. I believe that Mr. Dalby staying in jail for the life, where he can think about the lives he has destroyed would be one of the ways to help my sister and my family get on with ours.


Terry L. Atkins
Aunt of Wendy and Kimberly Sands




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